A group of Guyanese families and friends wanted a place to meet, exchange views, reminisce, maintain the Guyanese culture, keep in touch with the happenings back in Guyana, and help each other to integrate into the American society and way of life. Having a “family picnic” cookout fulfilled this need. Out of this small beginning, was born the Guyana Association of Georgia, which was officially inaugurated on September 29, 1991 with Dr. Conrad Wilson as the first President. The Association’s purpose was to promote, develop, coordinate and implement responsible programs designed to achieve a ten-fold objective, namely:

      • Establish the identity and enhance the advancement of Guyanese-Americans as responsible and productive residents and citizen
      • Establish a common bond and goodwill between Guyanese-Americans and other native Americans
      • Help improve the quality of human life and communities with particular emphasis given to the need to help alleviate suffering
      • Help improve the quality of human life and communities with particular emphasis given to the need to help alleviate suffering
      • Act as a representative body and clearing house for all Guyanese-Americans in matters of National, Regional and local interest
      • Encourage and educate all Guyanese-Americans to become involved in matters of National, State and Local interest, including social, governmental and economic
      • Assist in effecting a liaison between Guyanese-Americans and other people with whom they share a common heritage
      • Establish a better link and improve communication among all Guyanese-Americans
      • Act as a coordinating agency in and for the interest of all Guyanese-Americans Establish an educational link with all people everywhere who share the Guyanese heritage

The purpose of the Association has not changed, and over the years, we have evolved not only in membership but also in our commitment. This growth has been engineered under the leadership of the Presidents, ably assisted by the Executive Boards, Chairpersons and their committees.

Date President
1991 – 1993
Conrad Wilson D.V.M.
1994 – 1995
Philip Andrews
Orrin Marshall
1997 – 1998
Lawrence Griffith
Gloria Fredericks Ph.D
Slater Jeffery
Marilyn Farley-Thompson
2002 – 2003
Dawn Simmons
2004 – 2005
Conrad Wilson D.V.M.
2006 – 8/2007
Orrin Sargeant
Ivor Mitchell Ph.D
2008 – 2010
Philip Andrews
2011 – 2012
Austin Thompson
2013 – 2016
William Thomas Ph.D
2017 - 2020
Carl Lashley
Current President - (2021)
Merlyn Osborne

The Association has gained recognition and prominence not only within the community and among other associations, but also by several governmental dignitaries. On May 22nd 1998, the Association received a proclamation from Liane Levetan, CEO DeKalb County and another one on September 30th 1999 from Chuck Burris, Mayor, City of Stone Mountain.

Our Accomplishments

      • Hosted the 1996 Guyana Olympic Team
      • Annually awards scholarships to three high school graduates entering College
      • Hosted an international symposium in collaboration with another Caribbean organization
      • Provided free educational seminars to members on Public Safety, Taxes, Health and Wellness, Investment and Finance Planning
      • Provide ongoing charitable contributions to Guyana
      • Organized visits to Guyana on work detail and provided supplies (including medical)
      • Introduced SAT and PSAT classes
      • Offered scholarships to “A” students and most improved “C” students
      • Engaged a guest speaker – topic: “Crimes in DeKalb County”
      • Succeeded in obtaining 501 status with the IRS thereby making contributions and donations tax-deductible
      • Made available the opportunity for the youths to receive “extra” coaching in soccer
      • Held Christmas parties for both young children and seniors
      • Introduced a “Feed the Hungry” program
      • Visited a “seniors” home – served a snack and distributed gifts
      • Participated in Peach Carnival events
      • Participated in ACA (Atlanta Caribbean Association) cultural events
      • Particpated in the inaugural meeting of the Caribbean United Association
      • Acquired 2 corporate sponsors
      • Acquired a web site, telephone service, and email facilities
      • Formed a youth “arm” of the Association